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Why is Smooth Solutions Different?  
Top 12 Reasons Why It's Smart to Use Smooth Solutions
  1. We are licensed by The US Department of Transportation. Check us out on their report card.
  2. We are licensed by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  3. We are insured and our insurance exceeds the state's regulations.
  4. Our insurance covers your move, so you don’t have to pay a third party for
    additional insurance.
  5. Our movers are highly paid and professional.
  6. We have great prices on moving supplies.
  7. We are members of The American Moving and Storage Association and Pro
  8. We offer a complete solution to make your relocation an easy process.
  9. We are members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Compare us to other
    moving companies with the BBB. Click here to compare.
  10. We carry Workers Compensation insurance on all employees.
  11. Many of our trained movers have been with us for many years and have over 15
    years of industry experience.
GrandfatherA History of Service
Great grandfather, Luke Wellmaker was the first African-American mover in Atlanta, Georgia. Moved first customer in 1900.

I discovered this firsthand when I moved my Mother from Georgia to Michigan. Mom was overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done. I said, "Don't worry" and offered to handle her entire move needs. She was overjoyed. I thought I'd put everything in a box, put it on a truck and send her on her way. Oh, no! Mom started walking me through her home, pointing at things saying, "I'll take that, let's sell that, and I want to give that away."

Suddenly I was overwhelmed. I started looking for a business to assist me and there were none. Smooth Solutions Relocation & Logistics Services was born. Our services are as unique as our clients, delivered by a professional, caring staff. Each client is treated with dignity and respect, like our own loved ones. See what some of our valued customers are saying about us:

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Adrienne Simpson

"This is an absolutely fabulous service! The guys were just as nice and helpful as they could be. We were so tired when we got home I don't know what we would have done if we hadn't had your guys to help."
"We appreciate what you do to help us and everyone like us."
- Carolyn


Smooth Mooove Elder Relocation Services, Inc., Seniors Moving & Delivery Services, Tucker, GA

US DOT 1448493
ICC MC 567635
GPSC Class B

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